The 2023 STRUT Defender Collection Has Arrived

The 2023 STRUT Defender Collection is here and is making a statement. With its unique and powerful build, we had to design a strong collection to complement it. As one of our more adventurous vehicles, the Defender holds the same standard of boldness and bravery as STRUT. It was a seamless and easy collaboration that resulted in a vehicle that is ready to take on any journey. 

The collection encompasses four main components; 

  • Main Grille with chrome 3D Shield 
  • Side Vents with 3D Shield
  • Hood Vents 
  • Side Steps 

What makes this collection so special is that we have elevated the design of our iconic STRUT Shield. The 3D Shield was carefully constructed into a powerful emblem that shines out the competition. Crafted by our talented team of engineers, we can provide more options than chrome to fit your personal style.

Our principles of innovation and design go further than our Shield. Our Defender Collection goes way beyond personalizing your luxury vehicle. We are in the business of creating and designing your ultimate life. Our products act as a gateway to living boldly and bravely. The Defender Collection is one of boldness, unyielding strength, and exploration. You are not ready to start a journey without STRUT by your side. We offer luxury and adventure wrapped up in one package that will elevate your life and give you the confidence to go out and conquer the world.

2020 Land Rover Defender STRUT Collection