STRUT AUTOMOTIVE JEWELRY COLLECTIONS are found on the cars and SUVs of professional athletes, recording artists, movie stars and business leaders around the world. Wheels, grilles and interior collections are hand crafted from jewelry grade stainless steel with premium finishes.


Our ownership group also operates the Elephant Cooperation. EC is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to preserving African wildlife and improving the lives of the people in areas where endangered species live. 100% of the proceeds are used for preservation, conservation and humanitarian efforts.


The STRUT brand was established in 1915 in Minneapolis, Minnesota by James Struthers. STRUTWEAR became a leading women’s fashion brand. The STRUTWEAR company was focused on fashion and presenting the premier trends of the era to a growing nation.

STRUT is widely regarded as the leader in hand-crafted automotive fashion products. Sister companies Sonance and iPort are global leaders in sound and mobile products. Our expertise in luxury craftsmanship and technology have been combined to create the STRUT LX electronic jewelry collection.

Today, Scott Struthers and his partner, Geoff Spencer, have carried on the STRUT brand’s tradition.

Embracing the fact that today nearly everyone has a mobile phone, tablet and/or computer, STRUT has created the LX line of Luxury Accessories. We believe that the technology we use every day should be beautiful.