Chrome Delete


Vehicle customization service for most cars, trucks, and SUVs; Luxury, Exotic and Classics in the greater LA area.

Our Signature Series Blackouts…

We offer Blackout and Chrome Delete services for both our customers and dealers in the LA area. We take your vision and elevate your vehicle to the next level!

The trend of vehicle blackouts, also known as “chrome delete,” has surged in popularity. This process involves creating a sleek, stylish look by eliminating chrome trims, vents, and various vehicle parts, and coating them in black. What sets our service apart is the meticulous process, hands-on labor, precise stripping, and finesse we pour into each blackout. Upon completion, our painted assemblies undergo a THOROUGH quality inspection, graded on a stringent 7-point system. Once approved, it’s ready for delivery, and presented to our customers for their final approval.

Blackout/chrome delete packages only available in the southern California area

STRUT Signature Series Vehicle Blackouts 

STRUT is globally renowned for our exceptional grilles. In keeping with the times, we proudly introduce the STRUT Signature Series Blackouts! We’re crafting automotive marvels; our Signature Series Blackout Packages are gaining immense popularity, thanks to our added touch of elegance. Through meticulous care and a complete transformation, we revamp your vehicle by removing the chrome and lackluster factory colors. We expertly apply a long-lasting blackout using our specially blended paint, ensuring durability for years to come.

Join the STRUT Signature Series Blackout and Chrome Delete family today. Reach out to learn more about the blackout packages available for your vehicle from our knowledgeable consultants!


The durability and lasting vibrance of our STRUT Blackout Packages are unmatched. We firmly stand behind both our service and product for all Blackout Packages. When provided with proper care and maintenance, our Blackout Package Service sets the industry standard for excellence.


Our STRUT Signature Series Blackouts embody sheer quality. Our blackout process stands out for its uniqueness. Unlike others who simply use a spray can, we invest effort and commitment into our work, ensuring quality craftsmanship that we proudly stand behind.

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