Our Extraordinary Builds of the Month

Our Extraordinary Builds of the Month

As the seasons change, STRUT’s commitment to superior automotive customization remains unwavering. We collaborate with industry leaders like Cadillac Beverly Hills and Land Rover Newport Beach, dedicated to refining the art of luxury vehicle transformation, year-round. 
This May, our projects took inspiration from the timeless elegance of old Beverly Hills – a nod to the golden age of design, blending tradition with innovation. Our team has been diligent in crafting enhancements that marry this classic charm with modern sophistication. The result is a distinctive representation of our clientele’s individuality in each build. Our designs aren’t merely an ode to the past, they’re a drive into the future of bespoke car customization. 

Custom Tiffany Blue Customization

Our first creation in collaboration with Cadillac Beverly Hills is stunning: an awe-inspiring Escalade with Tiffany blue elements that set it apart. This vibrant color symbolizes a lifestyle that’s both bold and extraordinary, encapsulating our commitment to pushing boundaries.

The standard calipers have been replaced with brand-new Tiffany blue ones, adding a pop of color that highlights the vehicle’s power. Meanwhile, we’ve redesigned the Escalade logo, integrating the Tiffany blue to exude sophistication and affirm its unique aesthetic.

Our distinctive STRUT badges, rendered in Tiffany blue, underscore our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and innovation. Finally, we’ve added a custom LED grille that illuminates the road ahead with unparalleled style, lending the Escalade a futuristic appeal.

In essence, this Tiffany blue Escalade is a statement of daring. It exemplifies the incredible results of blending audacity with craftsmanship. With immense pride, we share this bold and fearless embodiment of the STRUT spirit with you.

It's all in the Details: 2023 Full Size White Range Rover

Continuing our customization journey, we present our next masterpiece: a stunning full-size 2023 white Range Rover, created in collaboration with Land Rover Newport Beach. Every detail of this exceptional vehicle exudes perfection, blending classic and modern aesthetics to truly stand out.

Our exquisitely crafted STRUT badges are among the first custom features that grab your attention. More than just adornments, these badges embody the STRUT identity, meticulously crafted to complement the Rover’s aesthetics and reaffirm our signature.

Our custom grille, a key highlight, adds a touch of modernity, redefining the Range Rover’s classic look with grandeur and elegance. The custom front bumper further enhances the vehicle’s impressive stance, emphasizing its sleek lines and contours.

The custom side vents blend seamlessly into the vehicle’s design, enhancing aerodynamics while adding to its overall elegance. The result is a striking and graceful silhouette that truly embodies our commitment to functionality and style.

Fiery Orange Accented Full Size Range Rover

We are delighted to conclude our latest collection with a bespoke black 2023 Range Rover, designed especially for our dear friend, Producer Michael. As bold and distinctive as its owner, this vehicle impresses with its black matte finish, accented by glossy black elements, and striking orange accents, creating a captivating visual contrast.

Notable features include orange accented calipers, adding a vibrant pop of color and enhancing the unique aesthetic of the vehicle. The same orange accents highlight the Range Rover letters, underscoring its bespoke nature.

The custom LED grille, a feature consistent in our creations, brings sophistication and modernity. This LED grille illuminates the path with style and innovation, reflecting the audacious spirit of this creation.

We couldn’t be happier with this result and invite you to join Producer Michael on his YouTube channel for a full tour of this sensational new car.

 Stay tuned—the journey of innovation and customization at STRUT is only just beginning!

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