Range Rover Sport 2024

Discover the new STRUT Range Rover Sport Collection, where luxury meets the spirit of adventure. Elevate your road trip with our bespoke accessories, each crafted to enhance your vehicle’s personality and style. Embrace the open road with the new Range Rover Sport collection, and let your journey become a thrilling expression of your unique style.

Known worldwide for our custom grilles.

Elevate your vehicle’s presence with the exquisite STRUT custom LED grille, adorned with the iconic STRUT shield, a symbol of modern sophistication and style. With its sleek, contemporary lines the STRUT grille sets you apart, leading the way in automotive elegance. Embrace this refined upgrade and step into a new era of dominance on the road.

Main Grille with STRUT shield​

Top to bottom, front to back

Complementing this allure is the meticulously sculpted STRUT spoiler, a marvel in aerodynamic design and aesthetics, proudly bearing the iconic STRUT shield. This emblem of prestige enhances the spoiler’s presence, symbolizing a fusion of luxury and performance. The spoiler extends the lines of your vehicle, creating a seamless blend of form and function, enhancing both stability and style. It doesn’t just add to the vehicle’s silhouette; it redefines it, turning every angle into a showcase of speed, sophistication, and the distinguished STRUT identity.

Rear Spoiler & STRUT Shield

Signature STRUT Side & Hood Vents

Elevate your Range Rover Sport with a touch of luxury and unparalleled elegance through our meticulously crafted side and hood vents. These additions are designed not only for their striking appearance but also to enhance aerodynamics and reduce drag, embodying a perfect fusion of form and function. Crafted from the finest materials and finished with expert precision, the side and hood vents are more than just accessories; they are a statement of sophistication and superior craftsmanship. These vents transform your driving experience, seamlessly blending style with performance, and elevating every journey to new heights of refinement and efficiency.

Custom-Fit Side Vents & Hood Vents

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