Land Rover Defender

When we first undertook the design project of the Land Rover Defender 2023 we knew it needed to match the distinct silhouette with equally bold & compelling elements.

Custom Fit Main Grille

Take life head-on with our custom-fit main grille complete with our signature chrome 3D shield. Made to take on the toughest terrain, you can confidently embark on any expedition with the STRUT grille.

Main Grille with Chrome 3D Badge

It's All About The Details

At STRUT we pride ourselves on attention to detail. Our characteristic side vents and hood vents unite design and utility.

Land Rover Defender Side Vent with 3D Badge

Additional Accessories Include

We know what it takes to compliment a vehicle of such strength. The collection is as durable and capable as it is innovative and artistic. The Defender has met its match with STRUT. From sketch to the first custom fitting, we knew this collection would be unstoppable.

Confident, bold, and strong- step into the oasis of your vehicle via custom STRUT accessories. Created to propel you into a new era.

Land Rover Defender 2021-2023

The 2021 STRUT Defender collection reimagines the classic silhouette. The STRUT grille confidently leads the way on every journey our Defender drivers embark on.

The STRUT Defender side steps add a sporty touch to this already capable vehicle. 

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