We did it, the impossible. We designed a collection that elevates the Cadillac Escalade to new heights. Our Cadillac collection is no exception. Our designers worked tirelessly to create accessories that Cadillac Escalade drivers will love.

Custom Luxury LED Grille

We have always admired the Cadillac Escalade, and that’s why we continue to design collections year after year. Our LED main grille surround was crafted with the driver in mind. Our drivers are bold, they aren’t afraid to light the way into the future.

Main Grille with LED Lights & STRUT shield​

Stay True To Yourself

Add a bespoke STRUT wing to embellish the custom-fit LED grille and classic STRUT badge to the rear of your vehicle. Or stay true to the original Cadillac logo. Make a lasting impression no matter which way you turn.

Bespoke STRUT Wing

When pen hit paper to sketch the concepts for the Cadillac Escalade Collection something exceptional was born. Custom-fit accessories are made to perfectly complement your vehicle. Allowing you to drive into a new way of life.

Made from the strongest materials available, built to last. The Cadillac Escalade collection was created for any adventure and promises to surprise and please every step of the way.

Want this Collection?

STRUT does NOT sell vehicles

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