Range Rover Full Size 2023

We are very selective about the models we design for, choosing only the top tier of vehicles. Range Rover drivers know quality, our collection is for those that look beyond even the elevated sophistication of the Range Rover Full Size.

Known Worldwide For Our Custom Grilles

Move into a new era with the STRUT custom LED grille and signature 3D STRUT shield. Inspired by the strength and confidence of the vehicle, the bespoke STRUT grille subtly embellishes and leads the way.

Main Grille with LED Lights & STRUT shield​

Top To Bottom, Front To Back

Drive for the sport of it with the STRUT Rear Spoiler & Signature STRUT 3D chrome shield. This collection would not be complete without the ingenuity and sportsmanship that lies in the details.

Rear Spoiler & STRUT Shield

Signature STRUT Side Vents

Our designers create with purpose. The custom front bumper and side curtains add an undeniable sleekness and presence to the vehicle. STRUT custom-fit side vents complete the craftsman vision of precision and quality.

Custom-Fit Side Vents & Side Curtains

Additional Accessories Include

We want our drivers to be a step above the rest. 

Our collection combines the sleekness of the Full Size Range Rover with the artistic touch of STRUT. Our collection is crafted over countless hours and is made of the best materials on the market with durability in mind.

Want this Collection?

STRUT does NOT sell vehicles

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