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STRUT Lifestyle introduces its latest vehicle customization service for most cars, trucks and SUV’s – Luxury, Exotic & Classic.

STRUT Signature Series Vehicle Blackouts

We have launched our Blackout and Chrome Delete service to our customer and dealers. We take your vision and transformation to the next level. The vehicle blackouts also referred to as “chrome delete”  has been ever-so popular lately. It gives your vehicle a sleek and stylish look by removing the chrome trims, vents and other vehicle parts and paint them black. It’s the process, the manual labor, the stripping and the finesse that goes into our labor of blackout, not just the paint that stand us out from the rest of the pack. Once complete, all our paint and assembly goes through a RIGOROUS quality inspection that must pass a 7-grade point system. Once passed, it is on to delivery and showing to our customer for their approval.


Be a part of the STRUT Signature Series Blackout and Chrome Delete family. Inquire on your preferred package today. Our consultants will point out the level of blackout packages that your vehicle can get.


Our Signature Series Blackouts...

Over the Years, STRUT has been known World-Wide for their Grilles. Forging ahead to todays times, we introduce STRUT Signature Series Blackouts! We are creating a wonder on wheels. Our Signature Series Blackout Packages are becoming ever so popular with our touch of elegance. Total transformation and precise care, we transform your vehicle into a black paradise. We strip the chrome and dull factory colors and trim and special craft blackout with our long-lasting paint that we’ve carefully blended for a long lasting time to come.


Our STRUT Signature Series Blackouts are nothing but that… Quality. Our blackout process in unique in it self. While others just take a spray can, we actually perform the leg work and stand behind our quality and work.


Our STRUT Blackout Packages are long lasting and never dull. We stand behind our service and product on all Blackout Packages. Given the proper care and maintenance, our Blackout Package Service is top-notch in the industry.


You will definitely stand out in the crowd of cars.



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